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In Texas Hold’em poker there are three different ways to play, namely:

  1. Fixed or limit
  2. No limit
  3. Pot limit

The main variation in these three types is the betting amount at every step of the game and the rake is affected too. In fixed limit poker, the bets can only be raised in small increments, like small blinds for two rounds and one big blind in the end. With no-limit game, the player can bet any amount even the entire rack of chips he owns. Pot limit is a mix of the two, and similar to no-limit game but here the size of the best is only as high as the value of the present pot.

The size of the stakes determines the Texas Hold’em game. The blind can range from a micro stake amount of a few cents going up to high stakes bet where the amount is in hundreds and thousands of bucks. After the big blind, the player sitting to the left of the blind called ‘under the gun’, preflops and the betting carries on in the clockwise direction.

After the flop, the blind is small and the last person to bet is the dealer called as the ‘button’. After the betting ends at the river, the all players will compare their hands and the one with the highest hand will get all the chips in the current pot.

The game ends when one or two players win the highest hand and in case of a tie, the  pot is shared equally. On the other hand if at different rounds if all the players fold and leave just one player then he is the logical winner of the pot.

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