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Some of the rules while playing Poker

Poker is one of the popular games which is being played by most of the players and this is one of the game which require lots of skills. We have many of the poker rooms in the internet and 3 card poker games is one of the best games. Most of the players are not able to understand the three card poker rules. Here are some of the rules to be followed while playing 3 card poker games:

  • In a seat at three card poker table we have 2 separate games which we can play.
  • We can play both the games at the same time but we have some of the casinos which want you to play both the games while the others can make money optional.
  • This game is played with 52 standard card decks. The cards will be distributed to dealer in the group of 3 by shuffling machine which is automatic.
  • One thing that the player has to notice from hand ranking is that straight has higher ranking than the flush.
  • We have a very few ways to make three card straight rather than to make a three card flush.
  • We have aces which can play for both low and high to straight.
  • The game will start with players placing the bets in Ante in table layouts. Ante can be amount within posted table. Both the dealers and also the players get 3 cards face down.

If you are new to this game it will be better to play the game without money and once you get confidence in playing the game you can start playing it with real money.